two masters with two bedstwo masters with additionTWO MASTER BEDROOMS IN DEMAND!

Remember when you first started dating your spouse and it was so cute to hear them “chirp while they were sleeping.  I thought I had the good fortune of winding up with a husband that was quite as a mouse.  Until he grew up!  Get those boys past 50 and in a lot of cases the “snoring” genie sneaks into the room and those loving sounds start to sound like a freight train!  At that point the non snoring partner starts looking around for sharp objects when even “flipping” the body doesn’t work!  You send spouse to doctor who sadly tells you that o this “particular snoring train” the procedure won’t work.  Divorce looms on horizon but seems a bit extreme – double beds like the photo are cute but the SNORING in still in the room.  Obvious alternative is two master bedrooms!

The trend is actually becoming more popular as a lot of couples have different “night needs”.  One likes to watch T.V., one likes to read with light on (duh), one is a super light sleeper.  Other reasons like elderly parents moving in and needing the room of the master bedroom is another.  But its hard to give up your own space to retreat!  Searching for a home with two Master Suite is not an easy feat.  Yes, there are homes (single level mostly) where the second bedroom has their own bathroom which fixes the issue.  Of course who gets the larger closet is open to discussion.  Partner with best wardrobe wins!

If your floor plan and lot are conducive to adding square footage that’s the answer.  For example we have a large deck which is only partially used.  We could easily move out the living room (which is only occupied by two small terriers) and expand the small living room into a nice bedroom.  Fortunately we have the option of having a full bathroom on that level which helps!  Without spending a huge amount of money.  But if there is no obvious fix to what you need obviously the answer is to have a builder or architect come to check out the possibilities.  Reconfigure the square footage without messing too much with the floor plan.  That “resale” issue should still be prominent and important in all owners minds.  When it is time to move you don’t want to end up with a house that looks like a maze!