I was on Active Rain the other day and found an interesting blog that I had to respond to. An agent on the east coast was commenting how amazed she was when agents don’t attend their clients property inspection. I am in a transaction now where not only did the agent not attend the inspection I can’t get him to answer the bloody phone. I get an assistant. Do clients realize that when they list that is the last time they will see their agent? I am sure they don’t have a clue. I am considering taking a bill board and listing all the hot shot agent that once they get your signature you never see again. of course I am kidding but it just drives me crazy.

I can’t tell you how many times we have been at a listing inspection where the inspector for the buyer —Justifying their fee of course. Is going on and on a about widget not fitting the gadget. Making this up of course but thankfully my partner has built restaurants from the ground up and understands construction issues. He knows a problem vs a not so much problem. How can we explain to our seller what an inspection says and means if we are not there to see it.

Not being at a buyers inspection and letting the buyer do it with inspector is a preamble to a buyers heart attack. Again issues like dirt too close to the house is easy to fix with two gardeners and a shovel. Without that explanation the buyer thinks his new house is sinking into the ground. The best way to fix problems is to know about them. Very few are not fixable. But if you are not there to visually understand what they are or are not any problem will be daunting,

These are interesting and challenging real estate times. When we are hired for a job we first of all should be happy to have it. Second of all agents should actually be the ones taking charge and doing the job! What a concept!